Definition of superposable in US English:



  • See superpose

    • ‘Two molecular entities that are superposable or can be made superposable by reflection of one of them in a mirror are isometric; otherwise they are anisometric.’
    • ‘Enantiomorphs belong to a special class of symmetry that is actually closer to a dissymmetry: ‘the mirror image of [the crystal is] not superposable upon the crystal itself.’’
    • ‘Your two hands are not superposable; when your palms face in the same direction, for instance, one thumb will be up, while the other will be down.’
    • ‘Since electrostatic forces are superposable, it follows that electric fields are also superposable.’
    • ‘The easiest way to tell if the mirror image is superimposable or not and superposable is to find the stereochemistry at the stereocenter.’