Definition of superpipe in US English:



  • A large snow-covered sloping channel with a U-shaped cross section, on which snowboarders or freestyle skiers perform aerial maneuvers.

    ‘he soared to a record 24 feet above the superpipe’
    Compare with halfpipe
    • ‘A regular pipe, like Sauveur, has 10- to 12-foot walls, a superpipe has 15- to 18-foot walls.’
    • ‘A superpipe is being constructed in preparation for the championships and it will be 150m long with a wall height of five metres.’
    • ‘The resort is a training area for many of the top riders in the superpipe, and the area continues to host offseason training.’
    • ‘When you drop over the lip of a superpipe, crouch low over your board to rip across the belly of the beast, then push against centrifugal force and zip up the opposite wall.’
    • ‘There are also four terrain parks and a 400 ft competition superpipe.’
    • ‘Most of the aerial action at Mammoth takes place at Unbound, an über-terrain park with 30 acres of rails, jumps, and the headline feature, the superpipe.’
    • ‘Last night, we were watching the Winter X Games, women's Superpipe.’
    • ‘If you like to jump, then take it to the Freestyle Park, with more than 120 different jumps and California's only Superpipe.’
    • ‘Aspen Skiing Company is going so far as to move its superpipe from high on Buttermilk Mountain to a spot downhill for easier viewing.’