Definition of superpartner in US English:



  • Each of the hypothetical particles which are supersymmetric counterparts of established particles in the standard model of particle physics.

    ‘the theory of supersymmetry states that each fundamental particle has a superpartner’
    • ‘Then on integrating out the superpartners we will recover the standard model as a low energy effective theory with its quadratically divergent Higgs mass.’
    • ‘Data on the quark and lepton masses and on their superpartner masses may provide major clues to teach us about string theory.’
    • ‘The superpartner of a standard particle is called a sparticle.’
    • ‘It's called the gravitino because it is the superpartner of the graviton.’
    • ‘When computing quantum corrections to the Higgs mass in supersymmetry one discovers an amazing result: each Standard Model particle and its superpartner give equally large contributions, but they are opposite in sign and so cancel each other out exactly!’


1970s: from + super + partner.