Definition of superheat in US English:



[with object]Physics
  • 1Heat (a liquid) under pressure above its boiling point without vaporization.

    • ‘The nonstop operation also tends to superheat oil used in equipment, breaking down its viscosity.’
    • ‘Water below the surface is not directly exposed to the atmosphere and can remain a liquid as it superheats above this temperature.’
    1. 1.1 Heat (a vapor) above its temperature of saturation.
      ‘superheated steam’
      • ‘It is common ground that superheating of the fuel gas was necessary.’
      • ‘They processed starch and an oil, such as soy oil, together in superheated steam under pressure and noted the unusual nature of a gel that came out of the jet cooker.’
      • ‘For decades, steelmakers have used highly polluting ovens to turn powdery coal and iron ore into chunks called coke and sinter, which are melted with superheated air to make iron.’
      • ‘At some point after its formation, the black hole emits a flare of superheated gases, travelling at relativistic speeds.’
    2. 1.2 Heat to a very high temperature.
      ‘we superheat the car's brakes’


  • The excess of temperature of a vapor above its temperature of saturation.

    • ‘More importantly, propane will vaporize and absorb superheat at low ambient temperatures - not possible with water.’
    • ‘The gas from the two dedicated Zechstein wells is currently of sufficiently high pressure to drive the turbine. A fuel gas heater is being used to supply superheat to the gas.’
    • ‘Mold conditions, pouring rate, and other process variables being equal, the fluidity of commercial gray irons depends primarily on the amount of superheat above the freezing temperature (liquidus).’