Definition of superglue in English:



  • A very strong quick-setting adhesive, based on cyanoacrylates or similar polymers.

    • ‘Next time, put superglue on your hands first.’
    • ‘Was there any superglue or something on the floor?’
    • ‘She didn't appreciate the reference to the unsuccessful experiment with superglue she had attempted five years back.’
    • ‘I would superglue my hand to the tax office desk, but I can't afford to buy any superglue!’
    • ‘A little superglue and no one will ever be the wiser.’
    • ‘It was like being painted with coloured superglue.’
    • ‘Two days ago his biggest problem had been how to get superglue on his teacher's chair without being caught.’
    • ‘While one develops molecule-size solar cells modeled on the way leaves gather energy, another is examining the adhesive properties of the blue mussel to make a waterproof superglue.’
    • ‘I've got some superglue in my back pocket which I fully intend to use!’
    • ‘It would be a trivial matter to peel off the feet and position them correctly with a dab of superglue, but it would also have been nice for them to be correct in the first place.’
    • ‘Despite all the improvements of cyanoacrylate, small amounts of hardware store superglue will work in a pinch.’
    • ‘Cyanoacrylates adhesives (also referred to as superglues), which form high shear and tensile strength, can be used to join nearly all materials.’
    adhesive, glue, fixative, gum, paste, bonding, binder, sealer, sealant
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  • Stick with superglue.

    ‘he superglued his hands together’
    • ‘Either someone has superglued the bloody thing together or I am weak and defeated.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the company said: ‘They also superglued the locks of the doors.’’
    • ‘Once mounted, we superglued the brackets and set it in front of the fan to dry.’
    • ‘Offices in Glasgow had their locks superglued and the walls daubed with offensive slogans.’
    • ‘You guys should just superglue your mouths together, seriously.’
    • ‘This required me to superglue it back together to once again utilize it.’
    • ‘When it happened in March, we thought that the window sensors must be loose and getting slightly dislodged by over-affectionate cats, so we superglued them in place.’
    • ‘It would've been convincing if only he didn't look as if he was trying to superglue it to his forehead with sheer will alone.’
    • ‘Even the headphones have been superglued into their socket.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure that I'd be able to pick them all up again and superglue the picture back into place.’
    • ‘One of the firefighters came in at 7pm and the pads had been superglued up at the front and back doors.’
    • ‘The twists are first superglued and then further secured with shrink tubing.’
    • ‘Then a few days ago there was a report that someone found pieces of glass superglued to the monkey bars and slides in a children's park.’
    • ‘Then we superglued and siliconed the whole shebang together.’
    • ‘A revival of domestic do-it-yourselfing and artsy crafting is driving a cultural boom in all things knitted, hand-sewn, superglued and welded.’
    • ‘We pry the superglued fan off, and replace the now damaged CPU fan, and give him a stern warning not to open his case again.’
    • ‘Age old tricks like supergluing coins or other treats to the ground will easily fool the Uni minions.’