Definition of superfund in English:



  • 1A fund established to finance a long-term, expensive project.

    • ‘The type of person who works really well with a self-managed superfund is a person who has invested in their own name already.’
    • ‘Rogue corporations that wilfully break the law will have their charters revoked, their assets sold and the money funnelled into superfunds for their victims.’
    • ‘Union superfunds are becoming increasingly powerful with the great amount of money in there and they should see themselves as now having genuine financial clout.’
    1. 1.1A US federal government program designed to fund the cleanup of toxic wastes.
      ‘billions have been spent on Superfund since 1980’
      • ‘It was the first time I had ever knowingly launched just downstream from a Superfund site.’
      • ‘So he was shocked to learn that the pollutants collecting inside his body sounded much like a Superfund cleanup site: pesticides, flame retardants and other nasty, man-made chemicals turned up in a recent test.’
      • ‘The harbor, a Superfund site, has been a dumping ground for numerous toxic facilities and industrial activities.’
      • ‘As a result, the United States Environmental Protection Agency declared the entire length of the Hudson River downstream from these plants to be a Superfund Site.’
      • ‘But the bay shoreline must contend with one of the world's largest ports, a Superfund landfill, a nuclear-power plant, and speeding boaters who put slow-moving manatees at risk.’