Definition of superfine in US English:



  • 1Of especially high quality.

    ‘superfine upholstery’
    • ‘Another book has a meticulously maintained list of superfine mats gifted to VVIPs and dignitaries including Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governors.’
  • 2(of fibers or an instrument) very thin.

    ‘superfine tweezers’
    • ‘According to the visit that a representative of the Board of Commerce made to the RTFE, in 1767 there were 30 textile mills of fine cloths, superfine cloths and serge, in which 150 people were employed.’
    • ‘Charney is also determined to make a deeper niche within that niche category, by focusing on more fashionable, more fitted basic T-shirts done in 100 percent combed cotton, 30 single yarn baby ribs and superfine jerseys.’
    • ‘Using beads, sequins and hand woven superfine cotton saris in fluorescent colours that Kanchan had taken with her from India, the two began work together almost immediately.’
    • ‘Those who suffer from asthma and hayfever will be happy to note that the ventilation system includes superfine filters which remove microscopic dust and pollen particles.’
    • ‘The Rolls Royce of them all was surely broadcloth, which in the eighteenth century was a superfine grade of woolen cloth that was fulled, or shrunk, napped, and shorn so that it was the consistency of felt but with a smooth surface.’
    • ‘The superfine size and shape of feathers make them particularly well suited to filtration needs.’
    1. 2.1 Consisting of especially small particles.
      ‘superfine sugar’
      • ‘Before applying the clear topcoat, buff the surface with a superfine abrasive pad or 20-grit sandpaper - do not use steel wool, which can leave behind fine particles that will rust.’
      • ‘But any coffee enthusiast will quickly allege that blade grinders are rife with problems - they grind unevenly and produce too much superfine coffee dust, and the friction from the blades overheats the coffee grounds.’
      • ‘For the record, our sugars are regular white granulated, fructose, light brown, superfine, palm, powdered, turbinado, muscovado, and demerara.’
      • ‘There are also superfine abrasive papers that can be used in place of the above methods.’
      • ‘From China; a high-fired, superfine clay; sometimes mixed with quartz or metal; very fragile, but can hold water.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘excessively elegant’): from super- ‘to a high degree’ + fine.