Definition of supereminent in US English:



  • chiefly dated term for preeminent
    • ‘In two grand, characteristic attributes, it is supereminent over all others: first in its universality, for it is capacious enough to receive and cherish in its paternal bosom every child that comes into the world: and second, in the timeliness of the aid it proffers, - its early, seasonable supplies of counsel and guidance making security antedate danger.’
    • ‘A court of record is that where the acts and judicial proceedings are enrolled in parchment for a perpetual memorial and testimony: which rolls are called the records of the court, and are of such high and supereminent authority, that their truth is not to be called in question.’
    • ‘Counsel emphasised that the exercise of the supereminent jurisdiction of the Court of Session must be confined to bodies in Scotland, for it had no power to enforce its decisions against bodies furth of Scotland.’
    • ‘He was born supereminent at a distance, bearing a name renowned in far off region.’
    • ‘This, I think, is what he means when he writes as follows:… if the universe is eminently animate and rational, then either it is God, or there are two eminent beings, God and Universe, and a third supereminent entity, which is the total reality of God-and-universe.’


Mid 16th century: from Latin supereminent- ‘rising above’, from the verb supereminere ‘rise above’ (see super-, eminent).