Definition of superciliousness in US English:



  • See supercilious

    • ‘The superciliousness of the educated knows no end, and may even betray a final anxiety.’
    • ‘They embraced the young woman and her child with heartfelt sisterly affection, without a trace of superciliousness.’
    • ‘Men want to take the joy out of wine, and replace it with snobbery, superciliousness, and another opportunity for sexism.’
    • ‘That, together with the superciliousness of his manner, turned him into an ‘authority’ even though he hadn't entered, much less lived in, the Arab world in decades.’
    • ‘Though capable of brilliant writing and subtle insights, much of his work is marred by a habitual superciliousness towards the ‘stupid’ masses and his inability to resist a bon mot.’