Definition of supercharge in English:



  • 1Fit or design (an internal combustion engine) with a supercharger.

    ‘a supercharged 3.8-liter V6’
    • ‘Raising the compression ratio or supercharging an engine increases cylinder pressure, and it is this which increases the power - not the fuel itself.’
    • ‘The traction drive is already in production for conventional mechanical supercharging applications and has completed extensive durability trials in automotive, industrial and aerospace applications.’
    • ‘Although the new supercharged 4.0 litre engine with 400 bhp and 540Nm steals the headlines, Irish buyers are more likely to go for the 2.5 litre model.’
    • ‘The range starts with two supercharged, four-cylinder engines, a 2.0 and a 2.3 litre and goes up to the 3.2 litre V6 and the flagship 4.3 litre 430.’
    • ‘Power enhancers such as nitrous-oxide injection and supercharging are analogous to increasing displacement because they increase the amount of oxygen and fuel that are available for combustion in each cycle.’
    • ‘Then comes a 4.2 litre naturally aspirated V8 with 300 bhp and the range topper is the XJR, where the same V8 is supercharged to produce 400 bhp.’
    • ‘Ways to increase the level of oxygen include using nitrous, supercharging or turbocharging, or improving the induction system on a naturally aspirated engine.’
    • ‘In some cases, the technology exceeds that of the Pro classes; for instance, in certain Comp classes, racers can use electronic fuel injection, turbocharging, supercharging, or nitrous oxide.’
    • ‘The C200K uses a supercharged 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine which offers greater pulling power than the C180 estate.’
    1. 1.1usually as adjective supercharged Supply with extra energy or power.
      ‘a supercharged computer’
      • ‘The magnitude of the task only served to supercharge the workers.’
      • ‘Using a technique called striping - a RAID ‘Level ‘hard drive setup that includes a controller card and two drives - can supercharge system performance on tasks like file copying and image editing.’’
      • ‘Its potency as a source of viable prospects and clients is indisputable and the power of the Internet has done nothing less than supercharge this age-old marketing technique.’
      • ‘Or supercharge your compost pile and create an earthworm population explosion.’
      • ‘They don't, of course - so what is it that supercharges their X-ray power?’
      • ‘Certain training techniques can take your resistance program to the next level, promoting greater muscle gain, jolting your metabolism, pushing you past a plateau, supercharging your motivation and so much more.’
      • ‘Like the storms they often feature, such books get their energy from the supercharged immediacy of the event.’
      • ‘These entrepreneurs used business plan competitions to supercharge their companies.’
      • ‘What's more, inflation remains relatively tame for such a supercharged economy.’
      • ‘Companies are differentiating themselves by how they use technology to supercharge the assets they already have.’
      • ‘Remember those supercharged notebooks I mentioned back in May?’
      • ‘These chips will hit servers first, but you may get a supercharged desktop sooner than you think.’
      • ‘But like some of his central bank colleagues, he seems unsure whether the resulting productivity growth will be up to the supercharged standards set in the late '90s.’
      • ‘Add to this mix the prospects of an economy supercharged by €12 billion when the special saving investments accounts start to mature in under two years' time, and the economic winds seem to blowing fair for stocks.’
      • ‘His ability to hold up the ball, to turn defenders and to play in his arriving teammates, supercharges the side.’
      • ‘Only in 1997, when the Irish economy was entering the era of supercharged growth, was there a significantly higher number of buy recommendations than in 2003.’
      • ‘The supercharged labor market drove black unemployment rates down to a very low 7% in early 2002.’
      • ‘Instead of the intensely supercharged work experience I was expecting, I was invited to relax, sit back, let the weekend take hold and just be.’
      • ‘In many cases they're full of oil and excessive starches that can weigh us down and send us straight for the sofa instead of supercharging us for an intense workout.’
      • ‘The supercharged Chinese economy, of course, has played a big part in rising commodity prices as the country snaps up steel, copper, and other raw materials to fuel its surging factory output.’
    2. 1.2as adjective supercharged Having powerful emotional overtones or associations.
      ‘his trademark supercharged hot-air statements’
      • ‘No romanticizing here; you wouldn't want to meet many of these young men on a dark street, although most of their damage has been inflicted on rivals in the specially supercharged L.A. gang world.’