Definition of supercentenarian in US English:



  • A person significantly older than 100 years of age, typically one who has reached the age of 110.

    ‘the number of supercentenarians will rise rapidly over the next 25 years, according to official forecasts’
    • ‘A "supercentarian," she was among the state's oldest residents.’
    • ‘Those centenarians may not even be the most senior members of society: the National Institute on Aging predicts that the boomers will be playing bridge with a growing number of people 110 and older, or supercentenarians.’
    • ‘While centenarians have become relatively common in the United States, with 74,000 now and a projected 600,000 by midcentury, supercentenarians like Ray remain incredibly scarce.’
    • ‘It's an elite club she is joining, the "supercentenarians."’
    • ‘Originally, the data were collected on individuals who attained an age of 110 years or more - so called supercentenarians.’
    • ‘Two years ago, researchers from the New England Centenarian Study at Boston University took a blood sample from Mrs Parker for the group's DNA database of supercentenarians.’
    • ‘There are now 75 people aged 110 or older in the world (known as supercentenarians), according to the Gerontology Research Group in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘"Supercentenarians," people aged 110 or older, did not exist before 1950.’
    • ‘Before her death, Chinen topped a list of global "supercentenarians" consisting of 74 women and three men over the age of 110 around the world, as compiled by the Gerentology Research Group.’
    • ‘Shortly after Mary tried blowing out the 108 birthday candles lighted in her honor, she was reminded that in two years, she will need to show identification to prove that she is eligible to join the supercentenarian club.’
    • ‘While many supercentenarians have held this title at some point in their lives, he was one of the few men to ever do so.’
    • ‘You don't find supercentenarians eating cake on their birthdays!’