Definition of superadiabatic in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting a temperature gradient which is steeper than that occurring in adiabatic conditions.

    • ‘The theory of the superadiabatic compression BP was developed and the experimental installation was created.’
    • ‘Thus, this error may not necessarily be as evident in the temperature measurements, explaining why superadiabatic temperature gradients are not always measured for all instances of dry layers.’
    • ‘All you need to do is look for layers in which the atmosphere is superadiabatic, which is where the lapse rate is steeper than the dry adiabats.’
    • ‘I use the Schwartzchild gradient to find the superadiabatic gradient, because if I use the Ledoux gradient, then the superad. gradient is always negative.’
    • ‘Therefore, combustion in the superadiabatic regime significantly extends conventional flammability limits well into the ultra-lean zone.’