Definition of super in US English:



  • 1informal Very good or pleasant; excellent.

    ‘Julie was a super girl’
    as exclamation ‘You're both coming in? Super!’
    • ‘One of the problems was that the super yields were obtained at a cost regarding the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.’
    • ‘This is super animation, it's a terrific story well told, it's funny and endearing as well as being amazingly well-executed.’
    • ‘As I talked about at the beginning, we'll see these super athletes who can slash the current world records, who will provide a more thrilling display for us to watch.’
    • ‘Big guitar breaks and riffs are backed up with the compulsive, snare attack drummer (who uses a big gong at the end of the set) and the neat singing, which breaches into the world of super melodics so easily.’
    • ‘The ‘boy’ involved here is a bit of a nerd and he has to grow into his powers, but it's not long before he is in the middle of a tug of war between two super girls.’
    • ‘Providers cut rates on savings accounts all the time, so you need to keep on your toes and be prepared to move - and here are some super savings accounts and cracking cash ISAs to switch to.’
    • ‘I thought the serum was something like a super supplement to make him smarter, faster, stronger.’
    • ‘He described him as a ‘a super fellow’ and a ‘very genuine person’.’
    excellent, superb, superlative, first-rate, first-class, superior, outstanding, remarkable, dazzling, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid, fine, exquisite, exceptional, glorious, sublime, peerless, perfect, of the first water
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  • 2(of a manufactured product) superfine.

    ‘a super quality binder’
    • ‘Possibly one of the most important memories I have of learning about music as a teenager was me and my mate sneaking into his big brother's bedroom and putting on his records on his super quality hi-fi.’
    • ‘Some premium products, such as super premium ice creams, may use a 22 to 24 percent cocoa fat ingredient.’
    • ‘The mine will be producing 25 kg ingots of super high grade zinc.’
    • ‘With today's high production costs and super development houses, there is less and less room for smaller development houses.’


Mid 19th century: abbreviation.