Definition of super in English:



  • 1informal Very good or pleasant; excellent.

    ‘Julie was a super girl’
    as exclamation ‘You're both coming in? Super!’
    • ‘Providers cut rates on savings accounts all the time, so you need to keep on your toes and be prepared to move - and here are some super savings accounts and cracking cash ISAs to switch to.’
    • ‘As I talked about at the beginning, we'll see these super athletes who can slash the current world records, who will provide a more thrilling display for us to watch.’
    • ‘I thought the serum was something like a super supplement to make him smarter, faster, stronger.’
    • ‘One of the problems was that the super yields were obtained at a cost regarding the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.’
    • ‘This is super animation, it's a terrific story well told, it's funny and endearing as well as being amazingly well-executed.’
    • ‘The ‘boy’ involved here is a bit of a nerd and he has to grow into his powers, but it's not long before he is in the middle of a tug of war between two super girls.’
    • ‘He described him as a ‘a super fellow’ and a ‘very genuine person’.’
    • ‘Big guitar breaks and riffs are backed up with the compulsive, snare attack drummer (who uses a big gong at the end of the set) and the neat singing, which breaches into the world of super melodics so easily.’
    excellent, superb, superlative, first-rate, first-class, superior, outstanding, remarkable, dazzling, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid, fine, exquisite, exceptional, glorious, sublime, peerless, perfect, of the first water
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  • 2(of a manufactured product) superfine.

    ‘a super quality binder’
    • ‘Possibly one of the most important memories I have of learning about music as a teenager was me and my mate sneaking into his big brother's bedroom and putting on his records on his super quality hi-fi.’
    • ‘With today's high production costs and super development houses, there is less and less room for smaller development houses.’
    • ‘Some premium products, such as super premium ice creams, may use a 22 to 24 percent cocoa fat ingredient.’
    • ‘The mine will be producing 25 kg ingots of super high grade zinc.’


  • as submodifier Especially; particularly.

    ‘he's been super understanding’
    • ‘It's just super boring to talk about other people's spelling.’
    • ‘One of the oldest dances in the world, belly dancing is super feminine and made for divas with belly rolls, shimmies, deep backbends and hip bumps - moves easily incorporated into modern street dancing.’
    • ‘Yeah, she's super fast, super sexy and a dab hand in the kicks and slaps department, but in true cat form, she's a law unto herself and does as she pleases - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.’
    • ‘With $4000, she can certainly buy a lot of whole wheat bagels and grapefruit, and she ends up creating a cadre of super loyal customers.’
    • ‘She was a super nice lady, and after the filming she gave me a book of her short stories.’
    • ‘Just because some music journalist decides that New York is super hip this year does not mean that suddenly tons of great bands just popped up where there were none before.’
    • ‘Having a great opportunity to design a project, making my client happy on the way and being super proud of my work is enough for my contentment.’
    • ‘Even though I was being super polite and friendly and gracious, and not at all sneaky, they have yet to get back to me.’
    • ‘Claiming that his planet is super tough and desirous of Earth for an interstellar hangout, the original space ghost claims to have weapons capable of destroying major cities.’
    • ‘‘There's already so much distrust, so you have to be super careful,’ he says.’
    • ‘Let's just say the end boss is super, super difficult.’
    • ‘The video is transferred fairly well onto disc, and while some of it isn't super stellar, I'm amazed that a low-budget film can look this good to begin with.’
    • ‘For some reason all I can picture in my head is him acting super goofy with an odd accent… but I think that's because I just imagine him talking in the kind of laid back drawl I'd expect of him.’
    • ‘And if you were looking for him, he wouldn't be an ugly, evil troll; he would be kind and popular and funny and charming and super good-looking and everybody's best friend.’
    • ‘In a film that features hypnotists, lonely giant ants riding the subway, super strong albino henchmen and suicidal poodle owners, he has given us something that is extreme and enjoyable like none other.’
    • ‘He's not super popular in the White House and beyond.’
    • ‘I think sometimes I'm more calm for whatever reason but sometimes I'm super nervous and I get worried and I'll forget what I'm doing.’
    • ‘I run into these super sensitive people all the time.’
    • ‘Some of them are not only super cautious but need to have step by step advice on entering the market and profiting from a good learning experience.’
    • ‘And of course we're super happy to be part of the whole event… It's a great line-up… I wish we could see all the acts.’


  • 1A superintendent.

    • ‘You see, the super has the keys and knows how to drive that cool manual elevator that goes to the floors where the fancy automatic elevators don't stop because there are no tenants there.’
    • ‘Who dare call upon an ogreish super, even if the soaked bathroom floor threatens to collapse?’
    • ‘Lomeier, the super, or caretaker as he is billed here, moves through the building trying to find the source of the problem and restore water to the taps on the top floors.’
    • ‘The managers and supers watch the workers suffer and feel themselves a class apart.’
    supervisor, overseer, superintendent, manager, boss, team leader, line manager, controller
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  • 2archaic An extra, unwanted, or unimportant person; a supernumerary.

    1. 2.1North American dated, theatrical slang An extra.
      • ‘The stage is almost always crowded with physically attractive supers, and even the choristers seem to have been chosen more for their looks than for their ability to produce a full, blended sound.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, in the larger ensembles he had a tendency to populate the stage with supers who seemed to come directly from the Ministry of Funny Walks.’
  • 3Superphosphate.

  • 4Superfine fabric or manufacture.


Mid 19th century: abbreviation.