Definition of suntan in English:



  • A browning of skin caused by exposure to the sun.

    ‘he had acquired quite a suntan’
    • ‘The drug company was originally interested in the stuff as a drug to help light-skinned people get better suntans.’
    • ‘That muscles have become status symbols signifies that most jobs now no longer call upon physical strength; like suntans, muscles have become an aesthetic of the obsolete.’
    • ‘Remember, while fake tans are safer than suntans or solarium tans, it is important to be aware that self-tanning lotions offer little or no protection from UV radiation.’
    • ‘When Coco Chanel started the craze for suntans in the 1920s, only those who could afford to head for warmer shores were able to indulge in the new fashion.’
    • ‘Sunburns and suntans are signs that your skin has been damaged.’
    • ‘The ozone layer high in Earth's atmosphere absorbs much of the UV radiation from the sun, but that which reaches the surface can cause suntans and sunburns.’
    • ‘Beach holidays became increasingly popular; white women valued their suntans as evidence of leisure and style.’
    • ‘Biologically, suntans - and dark-pigmented skin in general - tell another, more objective story: that human beings have an ambivalent evolutionary relationship with the sun.’
    • ‘Out came the girls and they were an eye-catching lot with their Californian suntans, colt-like legs and high, provocative breasts.’
    • ‘And we associate suntans with being healthy because people are outside.’
    • ‘Their bleached blonde hair is slightly lighter than their fake suntans.’
    • ‘You can always tell you're in a football environment because all the women have very long, very straight blonde hair and impossible suntans while the men are all jowly and laugh too loudly.’
    • ‘Millions are sporting suntans / sunburn following the Hottest Weekend in British History.’
    • ‘That would be the equivalent of wanting to sell empty seats on an airplane headed for Alaska to folks who want to get a suntan.’
    • ‘Both girls had over-the-top suntans, scruffy blonde hair, and very long legs in extremely tight jeans.’
    • ‘Seeing all those skinny girls in the movies wearing bikinis and their long straight hair and suntans made me feel very Midwestern and un-groovy.’
    • ‘Spare a thought for the teachers who returned this week to the chalkface, their Mediterranean suntans fading as fast as the memories of the seven weeks' holiday.’


[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective suntanned
  • Expose to the sun in order to achieve a brown color.

    ‘a suntanned face’
    • ‘This is usually done for suntanning but also works for heat loss.’
    • ‘Shielding the bright sun from her eyes with a suntanned hand and grinning widely, she opened her arms and the girl leapt gleefully into them.’
    • ‘I even managed to take my top off and get in about an hour's suntanning.’
    • ‘The artichoke was plump and juicy, served with bright red tomatoes that looked more suntanned than sun-dried.’
    • ‘Today, he is well on his way towards a masters in suntanning.’
    • ‘The camera floats into the air to reveal they are on a tropical island and the others are further up the beach, suntanning or playing volleyball.’
    • ‘I arrived at the audition looking healthy and suntanned and was sent to put on a wig and uniform.’
    • ‘His shoulder length sandy blonde hair was tied back as to not obscure his suntanned face, but a few wayward strands had escaped and trailed along his stubbled cheek.’
    • ‘More than 1 million milder forms of skin cancer will occur, and these are the ones tied to chronic or prolonged suntanning.’
    • ‘I lifted one of her suntanned arms and scrubbed with the soap.’
    • ‘His suntanned face was lined with age, but his deep-set gray eyes were clear and alert.’
    • ‘The man who faced her looked to be middle-aged, with dark, swept back hair and suntanned skin, with brown eyes set under black brows.’
    • ‘To get just the right color of salmon pink for the exterior walls, she had the painters match the hue of her suntanned forehead.’
    • ‘Her skin was suntanned to a glowing golden colour, and her clothes were from the best clothing store in Hollywood.’
    • ‘I tilted my head backward from its position on his shoulder and looked upward at his strong suntanned face and intoxicating blue eyes.’
    • ‘Thus, patients should be taught basic ‘safe sun’ measures: sun avoidance during peak ultraviolet-B hours; proper use of sunscreen and protective clothing; and avoidance of suntanning.’
    • ‘The hand looked as though it had once been suntanned, but after years of confinement, had paled.’
    • ‘All the operatives in the room froze, several with tiny guns or knives in hand, as the lean, darkly suntanned man strode into their midst.’
    swarthy, sallow, olive, dusky, black, ebony
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