Definition of sunset provision in US English:

sunset provision


North American
  • A stipulation that an agency or program be disbanded or terminated at the end of a fixed period unless it is formally renewed.

    • ‘A sunset provision in one part of the new anti-terrorism/anti-crime bill is limited and can easily be extended, so it will be difficult to reverse the process to re-establish the primacy of privacy over security.’
    • ‘They also won a four-year sunset provision on the sweeping new surveillance powers.’
    • ‘The law contained a sunset provision, requiring Congress to re-authorize it in 2000.’
    • ‘For example, our elected representatives should have more explicit information on the long-term costs of pending legislation - including legislation with sunset provisions - on both the spending and the tax sides, before it is voted on.’
    • ‘The sunset provision does not apply to the amendments in sections 203 and 216.’
    • ‘It is important that the fiscal stimulus is temporary, with sunset provisions built in from the beginning.’
    • ‘Therefore the sunset provision of section 24 deems a by-law of a local municipality licencing a business under any Act as expired on January 30, 2001.’
    • ‘While the sunset provision calls for the Act to expire in 2004, is this the first attempt at putting a price on our liberties?’
    • ‘But in the end, I am all but certain that the Patriot Act will be renewed - this time, most likely, without a sunset provision at all.’
    • ‘You don't have sunset provisions for virtually any other substantive criminal law provision.’
    • ‘As a result of the phase-ins, phase-outs and sunset provisions, estate planning practitioners appear to have been left with a set of problems that only a crystal ball can solve.’
    • ‘But the law still has its sunset provision: It fades away on December 31, 2010, unless it's renewed.’
    • ‘The subsequent reauthorization debates, which took place because of a five-year sunset provision embedded within the law, resolved any ambiguity about Congress's intentions.’
    • ‘Now, one of the things that we did is we put a sunset provision in some of these new additional powers, which I think we do need.’
    • ‘By setting a termination date on a particular law, a sunset provision is supposed to shift the burden of proof onto those seeking its extension.’
    • ‘A sunset provision was included in the bill; the freshwater stamp requirement was to expire in 2014.’
    • ‘Several aspects of it were so controversial that they were given sunset provision, specifying that they would expire unless explicitly renewed.’
    • ‘The difficulty that the Government has had in winding back this wicked tax in the Senate demonstrates why there may be a case for following the United States example by having tax legislation subject to sunset provisions after five years.’
    • ‘Only time will tell if the Court truly believes that affirmative action programs have a twenty-five-year sunset provision.’
    • ‘The Department of Justice urged Congress, which had built in a sunset provision in 1978, not to renew it.’


sunset provision