Definition of sunset industry in US English:

sunset industry


  • An old and declining industry.

    • ‘Unfortunately, we have had to put up with National MPs who have described farming, in their own words, as a sunset industry that has had its day.’
    • ‘This adaptation also involved a shift in migrant occupation away from customary jobs in the declining sunset industries.’
    • ‘So, following the example of the U.S., Japanese companies are pulling out of sunset industries and shifting low-end manufacturing offshore.’
    • ‘After visiting several textile factories around the island, I don't think that textile is a sunset industry.’
    • ‘Nobody wants to see companies becoming insolvent, but whether or not we like it, there are industries within New Zealand that will, in the course of time, become sunset industries.’
    • ‘The whole scheme seems to rely on a sort of brainwashing, picking out vulnerable people (there was talk in the presentation on recruiting people who were unemployed, in sunset industries, on low pay or working long hours).’
    • ‘She said that as labor and land costs rise in Taiwan, many sunset industries and small and medium-sized companies are finding relief in China, where both of these resources are abundant and cheap.’
    • ‘Lastly, the absence of inclusive industrialization strategies has hindered the deliverance of new, innovative products in some sunset industries.’
    • ‘It must be acknowledged, however, that there is a perception (in some quarters) of mining and oil production as environmentally unfriendly sunset industries.’
    • ‘I pick up on a point made earlier by other speakers that is worth reflecting on, and that is that in the past many people regarded the meat and wool industries as sunset industries.’
    • ‘We received some funding before Christmas for a cluster coordinator for our apparel and textile businesses, which has been about making sure those sunset industries have a sense of sunrise about them.’
    • ‘By and large, one is talking about large industries that have the capacity to be sunset industries.’
    • ‘I recall that it was a Labour Prime Minister who, some 10 years ago - it might have been a few years longer ago than that - said that the dairy industry was a sunset industry.’
    • ‘We are turning a sunrise industry into a sunset industry, as Australia and Chile get out there and capture our markets.’


sunset industry

/ˈsənˌset ˈindəstrē//ˈsənˌsɛt ˈɪndəstri/