Definition of sunscreen in US English:



  • 1A cream or lotion rubbed on to the skin to protect it from the sun.

    • ‘Only 54 percent wear some sort of sunscreen during the summer, and 84 percent believe protection is necessary only if they intend to be outside ‘for a long period of time.’’
    • ‘Joint promotions are useful for products that go together, such as ice cream and topping or swim gear and sunscreen.’
    • ‘Instead of sunscreens, use sunblocks, which are less irritating to sensitive skin.’
    • ‘Using a natural sunscreen can help protect not only your skin, but also our waterways.’
    • ‘The shades are being dusted down and tubes of sunscreen are being bought in optimistic anticipation, which can mean only one thing - summer has arrived.’
    • ‘Don't forget sunscreen and a hat next time you go out in the sun.’
    • ‘The glass coating is made of titanium dioxide, more often found in sunscreen and toothpaste.’
    • ‘He's coming in from Chicago, which is 23 degrees colder than Park City this time of year, so you may see him wearing shorts and lots of sunscreen.’
    • ‘They buy bottled water if they fear that their drinking water is polluted, and they apply sunscreen to protect their skin from UV radiation.’
    • ‘Yet, unlike pesticides, these drugs - as well as shampoos, sunscreens and other personal care products rushing down the drain - aren't examined for their effect on the environment before they're placed on the market.’
    • ‘The upshot is a more effective sunscreen that does not look like war-paint when we apply it to our bodies.’
    • ‘Already we have scientists who've developed sunscreen from compounds in coral, and painkillers from the venom of cone shell snails found in the Great Barrier Reef.’
    • ‘While a lot of us just want to relax on the beach and forget about all financial issues, it's a good idea to make sure you have some decent travel insurance packed with the sunscreen.’
    • ‘If you find sunscreens irritating, you're probably reacting to a perfume or a preservative like methylparaben or propylparaben.’
    • ‘Most of us think nothing of slathering on the sunscreen or donning a pair of shades to protect our eyes when we venture outdoors.’
    • ‘Travelling with a baby to the sun demands more than a spare soother and a tube of factor 50 sunscreen.’
    • ‘The bag had her book, sunglasses and sunscreen, two towels and a complete change of clothes for her, a single towel for him.’
    • ‘He, along with several other employees, collected beef jerky, gum, shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant, bug spray, sunscreen, DVDs and CDs.’
    • ‘They're cruising through the tropics, and their biggest worry is whether to use SPF 20 or 30 sunscreen.’
    • ‘See, the first day I'd made the fateful mistake of applying my own sunscreen, which meant slapping it on my shoulders and back.’
    1. 1.1 An active ingredient in creams, lotions and other preparations for the skin.
      • ‘Some hair care products will have sunscreens in the form of actual ingredients, but will not have an SPF factor added.’
      • ‘The line is rich in strengthening proteins and an anti-fade complex that includes UVA / UVB sunscreens and antioxidants.’