Definition of sunrise industry in US English:

sunrise industry


  • A new and growing industry, especially in electronics or telecommunications.

    • ‘Ironically, fiscal deficit has never been the consideration when the government doles out massive funds for the telecom industry, the IT industry or the new sunrise industry - biotechnology.’
    • ‘The pace at which fish-farming in Scotland has slid from its status as a sunrise industry to one on which the sun is setting is breathtaking.’
    • ‘After all, the renaissance of US industry in the 1990s has been a story not just of American dominance in sunrise industries, but also ruthless cost-cutting to make firms more efficient.’
    • ‘For the past two decades, the main thrust of inward-investment strategy has been to replace jobs lost in declining industrial sectors with new ones in the so-called sunrise industries.’
    • ‘Successive monsoon failures, closure of mills and a sluggishness in sunrise industries contributed to dull celebrations.’
    • ‘The new electronics and computer industries - the sunrise industries - which were emerging in the West led the drive for developing new products and new technologies.’
    • ‘Smokestack industries were on the way out and sunrise industries had yet to arrive.’
    • ‘He welcomes the merger of three sunrise industries and predicts a bright future Scotland is at a new frontier.’
    • ‘We are turning a sunrise industry into a sunset industry, as Australia and Chile get out there and capture our markets.’
    • ‘When does a sunrise industry begin to resemble a sunset one?’
    • ‘He is also extremely critical of the Government for not using the proceeds from asset sales to either invest in new sunrise industries or for dedicated investment funds to finance future pension or superannuation liabilities.’
    • ‘On the other hand, many of the new sunrise industries are very vulnerable to the slightest shifts in the economic wind - witness the problems of the companies.’
    • ‘Exhibition services have become a sunrise industry in the city and the number of international exhibitions is increasing at an annual rate of 20 per cent.’
    • ‘An index dominated by frothy sunrise industries multiplies the risk of investing for us all.’


sunrise industry

/ˈsənˌraɪz ˈɪndəstri//ˈsənˌrīz ˈindəstrē/