Definition of sunless in US English:



  • 1Without any sun.

    ‘a sunless winter day’
    • ‘For the inhabitants of Gibraltar this means humid and sunless weather, greatly increasing human stress levels’
    • ‘Come winter, he'll have to brave a frigid, largely sunless climate.’
    • ‘You know, I've 43 minutes left in my evening here - then it's downstairs for entertainment, and after an annoying, drizzly sunless day, I need entertainment.’
    • ‘They will travel as far away as 750 miles through the sunless winter, not to return until the new spring.’
    • ‘The battery bank must be sized to absorb the influx of wind-generated electricity and bridge the gap of windless (and sunless) periods.’
    • ‘Christine Margreiter runs a florist's shop in town but lives in a sunnier town nearby where she makes up for sunless weekdays by hiking and gardening.’
    • ‘Poor seasons in cool climates are usually both sunless and cold.’
    • ‘The day was sunless, bitter, snow-spitting.’
    • ‘Marko Nyberg, founder of Husky Rescue, describes his music as being ' like spring's sunbeam after the long dark sunless winter time '.’
    • ‘The next 10 days were dull and sunless the severe spell becoming a distant memory.’
    • ‘This is a more up-beat way of looking at the region's temperature, which can fall to - 51 Celsius in a six-month, sunless winter.’
    • ‘Move the bed each sunless day.’
    • ‘With Somerset going through one of its soggy stages, damp, mostly sunless and almost completely without cheer, sleep is a commodity I'm valuing rather highly these past few days.’
    • ‘But in our sunless summer of 2007, hailstones shredded the leaves of my teenage beans.’
    • ‘Sunday morning was sunless and nearly cold, so we didn't even try to look for any more herbs.’
    • ‘It was what seemed to be another bleak, sunless and chill winter morning in Moscow.’
    • ‘We hold hands, me and her, both looking up at the blue, sunless sky; both with the grass under our backs; both wondering who will be the last to go.’
    • ‘They are stuck instead for a sunless winter on an ice floe.’
    • ‘Some say the old warhorses of the energy age, coal and nuclear power stations, will still be needed to cope with windless, sunless, waveless days.’
    • ‘We've had a few dreary, sunless summers and there are people who feel they'll go stone mad if they don't get their annual sunshine fix.’
    dark, overcast, cloudy, grey, gloomy, dismal, dreary, murky, hazy, louring, lowering
    shady, shadowy, dark, dim, dingy, gloomy, dull, ill-lit
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    1. 1.1 (of a place) receiving no sunlight.
      ‘the windowless, sunless headquarters’
      • ‘The stalls are now too close together and the canopies too wide, making the passages between stalls narrow, uninviting, claustrophobic and sunless.’
      • ‘Dense clouds shroud Titan's surface, making it mysterious and sunless as well.’
      • ‘The house was sunless.’
      • ‘Below the decks, the middle passage was a hot, narrow, sunless nightmare; weeks and months of confinement and abuse and confusion on a strange and lonely sea.’
      • ‘Olde England must have been a sunless maze that stretched from Penzance to Carlisle.’
      • ‘The project was very time consuming and always seemed to end up with us spending the summer sitting in front of a computer in some sunless basement.’
      • ‘We have risen from the sunless depths, and now hang suspended, beneath the waves.’
      • ‘Over the past year this chilly, sunless corridor has often been crowded with men dressed in jailhouse smocks, chained in a line at the ankles, waist and wrists.’
      • ‘In winter, you should move your Maranta to a well-lit but sunless spot.’
      • ‘Repelled by the sunless, cramped conditions in the cities, well-intended architects became obsessed with order.’
      • ‘The dark sky in Oshima Meteorological Station evokes a sunless world, a place where it is always night.’
      • ‘It was described by one visitor as a "spare, sunless, almost shabby cubicle, as unrelentingly masculine as the lifelong bachelor who occupies it."’
      • ‘What drew these artists into sunless caverns and tunnels sometimes less than a metre high has been the subject of vigorous argument.’
      • ‘Between house and garage there was a gate and narrow path which led into a rough yard, rendered sunless by a tall hedge and large sycamore tree.’
      • ‘Most climbing roses need full sun, but there are a few that can handle a north-facing, sunless wall.’
      • ‘It is used only in the cold, sunless north.’
      • ‘Action in the Gothic novel tends to take place at night, or at least in a claustrophobic, sunless environment.’
      • ‘A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.’
      • ‘Cunning things thrive in sunless dungeons’
      • ‘Sulphurous yellow sphagnum moss made a dayglo splash against the dull greens and browns of the sunless upland bog.’