Definition of sunflower seed in US English:

sunflower seed


  • The hard-shelled edible seed of a plant of the daisy family, yielding an oil used in cooking and margarine.

    • ‘Many natural- and gourmet-food markets also carry almond, macadamia, Brazil nut, pistachio, cashew, pumpkin seed, hazelnut and sunflower seed butters.’
    • ‘Spanish researchers tested a fatless sunflower seed meal in an experiment that mimicked the body's digestive process.’
    • ‘And there, sitting on folding chairs and snacking messily and noisily on sunflower seeds, we watched films that were ancient even then.’
    • ‘Good dietary sources of vitamin E include certain cereals, wheat germ, nuts - especially sunflower seeds and almonds - leafy green vegetables, and vegetable oils.’
    • ‘At the feeder on the window sill, goldfinches, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, and cardinals have been busy at a heap of free (to them) sunflower seeds.’
    • ‘Buy a packet of sunflower seed and help the kids or grandkids to plant them (they are really hardy and heat tolerant).’
    • ‘He believes a bird flying over the garden could have dropped a sunflower seed which has now transformed into the large plant.’
    • ‘During the months from November through March we usually start the day by scattering a little sunflower seed, bread crusts, and cheese crackers along this railing.’
    • ‘Antsy as a kid on the first day of school, one snags a sunflower seed and carries it to the birdbath, where it perches just long enough to crack the shell, catch the kernel and fly off into the maple tree.’
    • ‘Comparatively, sunflower seed oil has a low smoke point and is best used for low heat cooking or in salads.’
    • ‘‘Look for products with panthenol and vegetable proteins that strengthen hair, and grape seed extract and sunflower seed extract that offer color protection,’ she says.’
    • ‘I loved to watch the deer pick their way across the vast snowfield that used to be a golf course, eager for the apples and sunflower seeds we put out for them.’
    • ‘My son's cockatiel eats like a bird, so our stock of millet and black-oil sunflower seeds rarely needs replenishing.’
    • ‘Have you ever loaded up the bird table with winter treats for your garden birds, only to find it stripped down to the last nut and sunflower seed a few hours later?’
    • ‘Alternatives are almonds, pistachios, sesame seeds, peanuts (with the skins on for optimum benefit), pumpkin and sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, pecans, hazelnuts and cashews.’
    • ‘The company's millet seeds attract small birds and groundfeeders such as doves, finches and chickadees; hemp seeds entice cardinals, grosbeaks and nuthatches; and black-oil sunflower seeds are popular with a large variety of birds.’
    • ‘Other choices - sustainably harvested lumber and countertops of pressed sunflower seed shells, for example - were more straightforward.’
    • ‘Breads appeared on the table and included some brown as well as pumpkin and sunflower seed varieties.’
    • ‘As a result, global prices for soymeal, rape seed and sunflower seed have been jumping.’
    • ‘The innovative formula brings together antiperspirants and skin-softening ingredients like sunflower seed oil and glycerin.’