Definition of sundrops in US English:



  • A day-flowering North American plant with yellow flowers, related to the evening primrose.

    Genera Oenothera and Calylophus, family Onagraceae

    • ‘I've lost the label for this plant, but I think it is a variety of sundrops, Oenothera, perhaps the species is fruticosa.’
    • ‘While sundrops are still in the rosette stage, they are very easy to pull up and move around.’
    • ‘More than half the sundrops and evening primroses under evaluation finished the trial with a good or excellent rating.’
    • ‘Yes, plant the sundrops in the ground to the same depth as they are in the planter that you bought them in.’
    • ‘The bright flowers of sundrops liven up perennial borders and wildflower meadows.’