Definition of sunchoke in US English:



  • another term for Jerusalem artichoke
    • ‘An arugula and artichoke salad had neither artichokes nor the sunchokes that had been listed among its ingredients.’
    • ‘The book is arranged seasonally by crop, offering recipes and information on storing and preserving the exotic or misunderstood vegetables like sunchokes, rutabagas and kohlrabi.’
    • ‘The current menu offers pan-roasted filet of striped bass with sunchokes and osetra caviar butter; and sliced raw white tuna belly with pickled fennel and citrus salad.’
    • ‘But peel away the dull brownish skins of such flavorful gems as beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and sunchokes, and you'll find both unexpected elegance and sweet, earthy flavors that make these underground stars perfect for winter dishes.’
    • ‘Finicky eaters can choose between a decent red snapper decorated with slices of candied persimmon (with leeks and enoki mushrooms in a coconut foam) and a nicely seared piece of branzino, served with sunchokes and artichokes in a lobster reduction tinged with lemongrass.’
    • ‘The middle of autumn in Houston might mean a resonant soup - always a Pope strength - made from area farmer Gita van Woerden's bittersweet sunchokes and butternut squash.’
    • ‘Chef Scott Ehrlich, a veteran of 71 and also the chef at aKa, hits a nice Lower East Side note right away with his "pickled plate," a twenty-first-century update of the puckery Jewish-deli tabletop staple: parsley-and-dill-sprinkled and olive-oil-drizzled carrots, salsify, turnips, radishes, sunchokes, and Brussels sprouts arranged around a pickled egg.’
    • ‘One evening, my pot contained roasted pieces of red shrimp; on another, a trio of delicious Kumamoto oysters coddled in a sunchoke bisque, with a smoky touch of pumpkin-seed oil.’
    • ‘Meat eaters can choose ultratender venison chops, perched atop a roasted melange of thumbnail-size brussels sprouts, sliced sunchokes and beets; a turnip puree completed the plate.’
    • ‘Try sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes) where crops like bush beans have fizzled in the heat.’
    • ‘Among the more demure dishes, the innovative Caesar salad is loaded with platoons of toasted pine nuts, sunchokes, and tangy white anchovies.’
    • ‘Delivering into December means the members get a hefty dose of root crops, some beloved (carrots and sweet potatoes), some challenging (rutabagas and sunchokes.)’
    • ‘Seared Sea Scallop with sunchoke and vanilla soup: The scallop was perfectly cooked, crunchy on the ends and tender with the right amount of "give" on the inside.’