Definition of sunblock in US English:



  • A cream or lotion for protecting the skin from the sun and preventing sunburn.

    • ‘The sun is fierce, so pack sunglasses, sunblock, hats, quick-drying shorts, and long-sleeved shirts along with your bathing suit and rugged sandals.’
    • ‘More than 60% of these respondents said they wear sunblock as a preventive measure against skin cancer.’
    • ‘The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 51,000 skin cancer cases will be diagnosed this year, so your best bet is to wear sunblock and protective clothing.’
    • ‘Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliator before sunbathing ensures my tan lasts and Lancome sunblock gives me both the UVA and UVB protection to tan safely’
    • ‘However, minimizing your exposure to the sun and making sure to protect yourself with sunblock when you are in the sunlight can help reduce signs of aging.’
    • ‘If you have very frail/light skin, you must use sunblock!’
    • ‘Could you recommend any kind of sunblock that won't ruin my skin?’
    • ‘The sunscreens and sunblocks mentioned here protect against both UVA and UVB rays, and most do not contain the potentially allergy-inducing, synthetic PABA.’
    • ‘But neither sunscreen nor sunblock is 100 percent effective, so it's important to also protect your skin with hats, sunglasses, clothing, and umbrellas.’
    • ‘Wear a sunscreen or sunblock with a minimum SPF 15, says the American Academy of Dermatology.’
    • ‘But, they do have to use sunblock on any exposed skin, such as the tips of their noses.’
    • ‘Use water-resistant suntan lotion / sunblock and even consider wearing a T-shirt while you snorkel, especially under the strong midday sun.’
    • ‘So make sure to take a hat, sunglasses with ultra-violet protection and plenty of sunblock and high-factor suncream.’
    • ‘Plus, it contains a PABA-free SPF 15 sunblock for added protection from winter sun.’
    • ‘Which brings me to my next point: You must use sunblock or sunscreen in order to protect your skin from the sun.’
    • ‘Therefore, all patients should be cautioned to use sunblock and, whenever possible, to cover exposed skin when they are outdoors.’
    • ‘Bright white zinc oxide, found in surf shops, does not irritate skin and is a very effective sunblock.’
    • ‘Use a sunscreen or sunblock with a sun protection factor of at least 15, even on cloudy days.’
    • ‘While creams are the primary type of sunblock other forms include gels, lotions, and sprays.’
    • ‘As with other areas of the body, skin cancer of the eyelid can be avoided by using sunblock, sunglasses and hats.’