Definition of sunbelt in English:


(also sun belt)


  • 1A strip of territory receiving a high amount of sunshine, especially:

    1. 1.1 The southern US from California to Florida, noted for resort areas and for the movement of businesses and population into these states from the colder northern states.
      • ‘Every libertarian or conservative resident of the U.S. sunbelt knows what Val is talking about.’
      • ‘This is increasingly true in a big U covering both coasts and the sunbelt.’
      • ‘For nearly a half century, Boston and New England in general declined, as New York, Chicago, and the sprawling sunbelt cities assumed national leadership.’
      • ‘A 3-kW PV system in the sunbelt could provide a home an average of 500 kWh per month in the space of a 15 feet by 20 feet south-facing garage roof.’
      • ‘A powerful part of our urban evolution will be to give space and attention to the rivers that have largely been erased from our 20th-century sunbelt lives.’
      • ‘Since the 1970s, there has also been migration out of the northeast, in particular to the sunbelt states of Florida, Arizona, and California.’
      • ‘Atrios pointed this particular bit of wackiness out and while I'm not surprised, I'll be betting the good general will soon retire to the sunbelt.’
      • ‘Now, the American heartland is emptying out, as ambitious spirits head to the sunbelt in search of new opportunities.’
      • ‘That said, familiar patterns - frost belt to sunbelt, city to suburbs, immigrants to Los Angeles and New York - are still apparent in the numbers.’
      • ‘And so the result is, if you're a Democrat, it's going to be very hard for you to get elected president unless you're from the sunbelt.’
      • ‘In addition, rapid population growth in southern states and sunbelt cities has created an immense service economy and a consequent demand for low-wage labor.’
      • ‘The sunbelt and South are much more ideologically coherent as a result.’
      • ‘Many American cities have enjoyed healthy population increases - not just sunbelt capitals like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Houston but also older cities like New York City (largely due to immigration).’
      • ‘Beginning in the 1960s, high-technology developments attracted new corporate enterprises with well-paying jobs, while ever-growing sunbelt retirement communities drew thousands of older Americans.’