Definition of sun-drenched in US English:



  • (of a place) receiving a great deal of sunlight.

    ‘the sun-drenched beaches of Southern California’
    • ‘Life, I told myself, was going to be one long, exciting sun-drenched holiday.’
    • ‘But it only takes one sun-drenched weekend for the Great British public to decide that it's summer.’
    • ‘On a cold, damp December day in Bexley, who could blame anyone for dreaming of sun-drenched beaches in the West Indies?’
    • ‘What if your place of work is not a dingy workstation in a block of concrete but a floating sun-drenched five-star hotel heading for Alaska or Bermuda?’
    • ‘One sun drenched afternoon Mick and I had just been horse riding and we were walking back up to his house for tea.’
    • ‘Their goal is to create anguish and countless telephone calls to friends, family and business associates rather than generate some spare time with the family on a sundrenched weekend.’
    • ‘Agreat treatment to choose during what passes for our summer, as it tricks your body into believing that you have spent the entire day on a sun-drenched beach.’
    • ‘A mural on the restaurant wall depicts three women working together in an idyllic, sun-drenched garden.’
    • ‘There's no place on earth quite like this handful of sun-drenched, mid-Pacific islands.’
    • ‘In this steamy, sun-drenched Caribbean country, baseball has ceased to be a pastime and become a passion.’
    • ‘Set in a dusty, sun-drenched Spain in the 1970 s, and interesting for that even if the acting weren't good as well.’
    • ‘Marianne Willoughby sat in her sun-drenched parlour, her face pale with shock.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most distinctive element is a sun-drenched atrium above an indoor boulevard that runs between 53rd and 54th Streets.’
    • ‘More impressive was the sun-drenched view from the observation terrace.’
    • ‘Through the door of another house, a shadow fled across the bare laths of a sun-drenched wall.’
    • ‘The formal ceremony was followed by a grand procession, seven miles in length and two hours in duration, through the sun-drenched streets of Moscow to the train station.’
    • ‘A sunny day is a great day, and nothing beckoned one out to a day on the water more than a sun-drenched sky.’
    • ‘The promise of heaven is rather less tangible than the promise of a sun-drenched holiday in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘In merciful contrast tender tales of sun-drenched small town reverie restore some hope.’
    • ‘The view out the window was sun drenched and warm, boasting a rolling hillside covered by a grassy ocean of nameless headstones.’