Definition of summoner in US English:



  • See summon

    • ‘His tale is an attack on the wickedness of summoners.’
    • ‘Certainly he is the guardian of ghosts, the lord of black ink, the prince of parchment and a summoner of souls.’
    • ‘Many of these characters can seem larger than life or completely out of mythological tales, especially if you consider fighters like the satyr or the undead summoner.’
    • ‘Clocking in at just over a dozen jobs, players will have warriors, red, black, and white mages, paladins, thieves, samurai, ninjas, dragoons, monks, summoners, beast masters, and dark knights at their disposal.’
    • ‘Chaucer's habit of poking fun at pardoners and summoners is not so much an example of impiety as a way of demonstrating how much virtue he has to spare.’