Definition of summiteer in US English:



  • A participant in a meeting between heads of government.

    • ‘Such fundamental change was necessary, said the summiteers, because a profligate humanity consumes too much, breeds too much, and pollutes too much, setting the stage for a global ecological catastrophe.’
    • ‘When that, too, failed, the waxen-faced summiteers emerged, and the recriminations began.’
    • ‘Systemic reform, as recommended by summiteers, meant aligning the chief components of education: academic goals, curricula, instruction, and exams.’
    • ‘So the summiteers brought developing country leaders to Genoa for an audience and asked UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to launch his AIDS fund there.’
    • ‘So far it's unclear what the co-chairs have in mind to do with the mandate they received from the summiteers and the mayor.’
    • ‘The summiteers can be expected to make much of NATO's deployment of five more ‘provincial reconstruction teams’ to Afghanistan - teams that were promised months ago but never delivered.’
    • ‘The summiteers would like to keep their meeting focused on bilateral matters.’
    • ‘The summiteers, the leaders of Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria and Chad, stressed their ‘rejection of all foreign intervention in this purely African question‘.’
    • ‘Yet for that very reason it is vital to be clear about the fast-moving events that the summiteers are meeting to consider.’
    • ‘Almost half of these have now either been torn down or will be by the time the APEC summiteers arrive.’
    • ‘It is precisely along this road that the summiteers will set out in Prague, focusing on how to build forces that can be fielded rapidly and sustainably wherever and whenever needed.’
    • ‘It would be tempting for the G7 summiteers to declare victory and spend their time enjoying Okinawa's splendid beaches.’
    • ‘Today's unrelated decision in Singapore on the venue for the 2012 Olympic Games could impact on the mood of the summiteers too.’
    • ‘Yet the terrorism that shook the summiteers in Spain was home-grown - by Basque terrorists.’
    • ‘Live8 was intended to raise consciousness and exert political pressure on the G8 summiteers.’
    • ‘It would be the icing on the cake if I was one of the summiteers.’