Definition of summing-up in US English:



  • A restatement of the main points of an argument, case, etc.

    • ‘It is a fascinating, engrossing book, and, simply as a summing-up, it is an important book.’
    • ‘When I did my summing-up of 2003, I was terribly disappointed to find that I'd only read 37 books last year, and I was determined that I'd get through 50 this year.’
    • ‘What intrigued me was the contrast in the entries for Agatha Christie and Dorothy L.Sayers, who of course were two of the period's most celebrated crime writers, especially the summing-up.’
    • ‘‘Think of Greece and think of Russia and combine the two,’ he said, trying to explain in brief his summing-up of Bulgaria.’
    • ‘The overture is a magnificent summing-up of the trials and tribulations, the twists and turns in the plot, and a splendid taster for the delights to come.’
    • ‘Ali offers an objective summing-up of the life of one of South Africa's greatest icons, and therein lies its credibility.’
    • ‘But the best summing-up was delivered by Ben Crenshaw when he stated ‘Seve plays shots I don't even see in my dreams!’’
    • ‘Hearing them side by side was an education as well as a pleasure and Shelley's judicious summing-up of their stylistic differences revealed much about the 26-year-old Mozart's developing genius.’
    • ‘This article in the Times of London seemed a particularly rich summing-up of the Pope's transition out of life.’
    • ‘Say how far you consider this a fair summing-up of The Clerk's Tale.’
    • ‘The Dodsons' obsession with wills and funerals depicts their view of death as a great final summing-up, a logical extension of a measured, prudent, and frugal life.’
    • ‘Based on a true story it may be, but it is drama rather than documentary, an accurate summing-up of collective experience rather than a meticulous detailing of one personal history.’
    • ‘Besides, you want to know what's happening while it's happening, not in a lazy summing-up a week after the votes have been counted.’
    • ‘But the work is more a summing-up of his conservative past and echoes of Lilburn's landscape writing are all too pervasive.’
    • ‘There is little doubt that the summing-up was not as favourable as Forbes would probably have given.’
    • ‘It was a perfect summing-up of the whole affair: the super-articulate author of The Corrections dismissed by his would-be sponsor in a non-word.’
    • ‘According to McKean, museums around the world are shying away from trying to encapsulate the last century, with many feeling it is still too early for a summing-up.’
    • ‘The addition of such a summing-up is fairly standard among the major figures from before 1800, which often means that the history of the reception of their music is newly considered but not the music itself.’
    • ‘A Tropical Farewell, the last concert in Civic Theatre, did seem to be something of a summing-up: Sculthorpe again and two big Romantic pieces played by half of the festival artists.’
    • ‘But God's final message to man, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing-up of all that has gone before, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through Archangel Gabriel.’
    assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgement, rating, gauging, sizing up, consideration
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