Definition of summer stock in US English:

summer stock


North American
  • Theatrical productions by a repertory company organized for the summer season, especially at vacation resorts or in a suburban area.

    ‘after touring in summer stock, he began landing parts in television’
    count noun ‘a summer stock in the open grounds’
    as modifier ‘summer-stock Shakespeare’
    • ‘During the late 1950s, Elder continued to learn the crafts of writing, acting, and producing for the stage and worked in summer stock and with a mobile acting company.’
    • ‘At the impetuous age of 16, he first wandered south to do summer stock in New Hampshire at the New London Barn Theater.’
    • ‘Though she was already an admired concert artist, McGovern made her Broadway bow with next to no theatrical experience, save for one week of summer stock in The Sound of Music.’
    • ‘After graduating from Yale Drama School, Robby Rockman began his professional career performing in Vermont summer stock and Shakespearean classics in Stratford, Ontario.’
    • ‘As a teenager, he worked in summer stock on Long Island.’
    • ‘And then we did summer stock together, the show-off and ‘Along 5th Avenue’ on Broadway.’
    • ‘I did a lot of theatre in high school, as a member of drama class, the Thespians, and community theatre, plus I played summer stock the summers after junior and senior year.’
    • ‘Sure, they did a season of summer stock out in Santa Barbara in the thirties.’
    • ‘Smith wrote features for several newspapers and read plays for theater projects while she acted in summer stock productions.’
    • ‘I am here in Provincetown, Massachusetts for my annual summer stock run.’
    • ‘He dabbled in the entertainment industry in a number of ways including working in summer stock, marrying actress Jane Lloyd-Jones, and writing a book on theater before turning his attention to magazine writing and television.’
    • ‘Newman ended up majoring in economics, but within two hours of graduation he was on the train to his first summer-stock theatre engagement.’
    • ‘He began his acting career in summer stock and appeared on the television soap opera ‘Love of Life’ while still in college.’
    • ‘Kennedy and designer Frank Gallant met and collaborated while doing summer stock in Antigonish.’
    • ‘My dad died the day we were to begin rehearsals for a summer stock production of Equus, which was my first professional job.’
    • ‘Obey's performing and choreographic credits extend not only to concert dance but also to Broadway musicals, films, television, summer stock and industrials, both in the U.S. and in Europe.’
    • ‘Al had never known what it was like to be ‘normal,’ not stuck in an orphanage, so he didn't yearn for it; and by the time he enlisted in the Navy, between street smarts and a season in summer stock, he knew how to blend in when he had to.’
    • ‘In summer stock, I learned how to bartend because we all had to have these little jobs at the theatre.’
    • ‘After his discharge as a lieutenant, he acted and directed in summer stock in Washington before moving to New York and taking a job with Harry Morgan's radio show.’
    • ‘This sort of duty reminded him of his teenage years in summer stock.’


summer stock

/ˈsəmər stɑk/