Definition of summer school in US English:

summer school


  • Courses held during school summer vacations, taken for remedial purposes, as part of an academic program, or for professional or personal purposes.

    • ‘Primary teachers will be pleased to learn that the summer school has been approved by the Department of Education and Science under Rule 58 of the ‘Rules for National Schools’.’
    • ‘The overseas student list for the summer school is up on last year.’
    • ‘He said that a total of 300 students mainly from France, Spain and Italy are coming to the Carlow Institute for Further Education to take part in the summer school for English and also to study information technology.’
    • ‘A history major, she loved reading European (especially French) literature, thought about working in film - and went to a Harvard summer school to study the philosophy of science.’
    • ‘This week I'm preparing my lectures for a summer school in Italy.’
    • ‘Sixty years ago, I took two very different courses at the same summer school at the University of Alberta.’
    • ‘It is all part of a university summer school funded by the Sutton Trust.’
    • ‘Our main purpose with the graduate summer school is to provide education within bio-photonics for students and young scientists at the highest international level.’
    • ‘Officials said The Citadel summer school and College of Graduate and Professional Studies had been accepting Black students for two years prior to Foster's arrival.’
    • ‘Every year IT Sligo runs the summer school for mature students who have secured a place at the college and who have left education some time ago.’
    • ‘I remember I came up to York one summer to do a summer school at the university.’
    • ‘Working women from an array of industries were invited to participate in the summer school, where they studied a variety of subjects including labor history, economics, and English.’
    • ‘Running concurrently with the summer school is the Yeats Summer Festival which is now entering its third year.’
    • ‘Ballet Ireland School continue with their summer school in the Arts Centre with 6 to 9 year olds enjoying the week long school with an Old King Cole theme.’
    • ‘‘I am delighted that we won, especially for Anne-Marie Nestor, a temporary teacher, who ran the summer school for the first time and did a very good job of it,’ he said.’
    • ‘Seppo Knuutila's essay on ‘How to Seize Mentalities’ is based on his opening lecture at the summer school.’
    • ‘Then one summer I immersed myself in American poetry, auditing Helen Vendler's course in the summer school.’
    • ‘Students of the summer school have at their disposal a rich variety of workshops, lectures and readings which bring the work of Yeats to life.’
    • ‘The aim of the music summer school is to give primary school children the chance to join together to make music and enjoy themselves.’
    • ‘At its best, the summer school brings the Trinity College debating society or the television studio in the local parochial hall or hotel conference room.’


summer school

/ˈsəmər ˌskul//ˈsəmər ˌsko͞ol/