Definition of Summer Games in US English:

Summer Games

plural noun

usually the Summer Games
  • ‘he won a gold medal at the Summer Games’
    another term for Olympic Games
    • ‘Team USA also brought home the gold at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney.’
    • ‘Also shown were photos from the carrying of the Olympic torch to the Summer Games in Beijing.’
    • ‘He is tipped as a potential champion in the Summer Games.’
    • ‘She responded to the critics who called her a quitter for not finishing either of her races at the Summer Games.’
    • ‘She will be swimming for more than herself and her country during this year's Summer Games in Athens.’
    • ‘Runners will carry the torch through the Chinese capital until Friday when it arrives at the opening ceremony for the summer games.’
    • ‘The International Olympic Committee is meeting to decide which nation should host the 2016 Summer Games.’
    • ‘About an hour ago, his dream of winning seven gold medals in the Summer Games came to an abrupt end.’
    • ‘Women were the big track winners at the 2000 Summer Games.’
    • ‘There was great excitement here on Saturday evening when the Irish Ladies Basketball Team won a Bronze medal at the Summer Games.’