Definition of summer-weight in US English:



  • (of clothes) made of light fabric and therefore cool to wear.

    ‘a shop selling only summer-weight clothes in November looked mildly ridiculous’
    • ‘I'll be working with new summer-weight yarns and new styles - socks, shawls, cashmere and lambswool sweaters, even hairbands.’
    • ‘We will plunk down our garment bags in their hopelessly trendy hotels, standing out like Good Humor men in our summer-weight khaki suits while all those hipster squirrels scramble for our tips.’
    • ‘In late November, his troops - most wearing summer-weight uniforms in Arctic temperatures, fighting in terrible terrain with their lines of communication vastly overextended - were hit by surprise by hundreds of thousands of Chinese.’
    • ‘Underneath he is all jet-set chic: a cream summer-weight suit with a fine blue stripe, teamed with a striped, open-neck shirt.’
    • ‘I have made it up with some faded green sheets and an equally faded summer-weight quilt.’
    • ‘My hubby wears them with summer-weight Merrells.’
    • ‘We mailed food drops to the park's east, north, and west entrances, and went superlight - so light we took summer-weight sleeping bags, and froze almost every night.’
    • ‘At last, we've reached that point where no summer-weight suit feels light enough after 11 a.m., and when, if a cab pulls up with its windows down and the air-conditioning off, you desperately want to let it go.’
    • ‘When Play was asked by the Woolmark Co. to come up with an event that would promote summer-weight wool clothing, the team started with a strange question: What's the worst way to promote wool?’