Definition of sum up in English:

sum up

phrasal verb

  • 1Give a brief summary of something.

    ‘Gerard will open the debate and I will sum up’
    • ‘The report sums up the first full investigation into concerns which a number of maritime organisations felt had been ignored.’
    • ‘To sum up… your record collection needs this record as much as you do.’
    • ‘Lance Wright's closing remarks did not record well, so instead he agreed to sum up his points in an interview.’
    • ‘Stuart Herdson, Bradford secretary for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, sums up the criticisms.’
    • ‘Jack Kelly sums up nicely why the coming war is moral, necessary, and can't come too soon.’
    • ‘A recent book about it entitled The Lost State of Franklin sums up the fate of the movement in its title.’
    • ‘Andrew Gimson in the Telegraph sums up precisely what this means for the election.’
    • ‘Although this article by Andrew Oswald appeared in the Times some time ago it sums up most of the arguments why congestion charging is a good idea.’
    • ‘Propping his bicycle outside the Cheese Shop, Henry Smith sums up the views of many in the market town.’
    • ‘The merest flick of her perfectly-manicured hands can sum up whatever idea she is trying to express.’
    • ‘This comment precisely sums up what is expected of a historian when he writes down a narration or a report or a book.’
    • ‘The benign, old Munshi sums up the topic with a short, wry remark, a telling commentary on the state of affairs.’
    • ‘It is just that the title of this post sums up today's happenings in a very good way.’
    • ‘Huntington sums up rather well the excesses that the chronic anger of the Left leads to.’
    • ‘And those brief details sum up half a century in the life of Bobby Bell, so little is known about him.’
    • ‘The Lord Chancellor, in an outstanding speech summing up the two-day debate in the Lords, expressed the same view.’
    • ‘It was a similar thought that inspired the faint glimmer of hope expressed at the end of Arthur Koestler's own bleak summing up of the contemporary situation.’
    • ‘A brief conclusion does a fine job summing up the book and its arguments.’
    • ‘It's a good little story because it sums up many of the personally satisfying things about working on the edition.’
    • ‘This editorial in El Pais neatly sums up what's been revealed to date.’
    summarize, give a summary of, make a summary of, precis, give an abstract of, encapsulate, outline, give an outline of, recap, recapitulate, review, put in a nutshell, condense, abridge, digest, synopsize, compress, give the gist
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    1. 1.1Law (of a judge) review the evidence at the end of a case, and direct the jury regarding points of law.
      • ‘As the learned judge said in his summing up to the jury, motive is irrelevant; intention is important.’
      • ‘It was therefore rather surprising to me when His Honour Judge Denison summed up to the jury that any military use would do.’
      • ‘At the beginning of his summing up, he also directed the jury in standard terms as to the onus on the Crown.’
      • ‘Judge Russell then sums up the facts and the arguments presented to the jury.’
      • ‘Perhaps if I could draw your Honours' attention to page 13 of the application book, paragraph 45, where the crucial nature of this issue was summed up by the learned trial judge.’
      summarize the evidence, review the evidence, give a summing-up, summarize the argument
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