Definition of Sulpician in US English:



  • A member of a congregation of secular Roman Catholic priests founded in 1642 by a priest of St. Sulpice, Paris, mainly to train candidates for holy orders.

    • ‘Dissertations, theses, and books written by Sulpicians are also included in this collection.’
    • ‘But the friction thus caused was in no way due to Frontenac's dislike of the Sulpicians as an order.’
    • ‘The Sulpicians, whose goal was to establish an ideal Catholic society, were also missionaries.’
    • ‘Without informing the Mohawks, the Sulpicians write to France, proposing that they be granted the land.’
    • ‘Before this time, the French king had entrusted these lands to the Sulpicians to administer as seigneuries.’


  • Relating to the Sulpician congregation.

    • ‘The next year, the Sulpician superior dies, the engineer goes broke and the project stalls.’
    • ‘St. Mary's Seminary & University, our nation's first seminary, was established by the Sulpician Fathers in 1791.’
    • ‘The Sulpician seminaries, above all the one in Paris, were famed for their solid orthodox teaching and high moral tone. I’
    • ‘Before his ordination as a Sulpician priest, he had taught mathematics at the seminary, and had it not been for the French Revolution, he might have spent his life there.’
    • ‘This Sulpician priest was pastor of the Notre Dame parish, chaplain at Hotel Dieu, and also director and confessor for the pupils in the care of the Sisters of the Congregation.’