Definition of sull in US English:



[no object]US
  • 1(of an animal) refuse to go on.

    • ‘Just leave the sulled animal alone for a while and eventually it will awaken from its stupor under its own volition.’
    • ‘One afternoon, I was coming home from school and Papa and Rufus Payne were trying to drive a sow down to the ten acre field and she sulled and laid down beside the road.’
    • ‘Many times, we have had sheep or goats bunched and sulled in a corner and sent Bear in to get them out.’
    • ‘I guess they are sulled up like a couple of big old terrapins.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) become sullen; sulk.
      ‘don't sull up on me, let's get it aired’
      • ‘She entered sulled but came out radiant, her head raised, her face open, smiling - making the street lighter.’
      • ‘Now 6 weeks later I have been ordained ‘Webmaster’ for our company (much to the sulling of our IT department) and have gotten rave reviews from our president as well as CEO's of our customers. (did I mention the raise?)’
      • ‘I am not sulled up, despite my history of persecution, injustice, and the suppression of my oeuvre by midgets and dwarves.’
      • ‘You were sulled up and I was just tired of there always being someone in our family sulled up.’
      • ‘Green, who had once done some tumbling in a circus and sulled up when told he resembled Victor Mature, had been on probation.’


Mid 19th century: back-formation from sullen.