Definition of sulkiness in US English:



  • See sulky

    • ‘Though many Leeds fans complained about his laziness and sulkiness in equal measures, there can be no doubting his goalscoring prowess given the right service.’
    • ‘With Professor Joy Klamp as the guide, Radio 4 takes its listeners on a journey into the heart of sulkiness.’
    • ‘It is harshly lit and staffed by waitresses whose sulkiness is forgivable seeing as they have to bustle around in 18 th-century outfits.’
    • ‘He was, instead, vilified for unsportsmanlike behaviour, a sour face, grudging attitude, sulkiness; because that is what people wanted to see.’
    • ‘From the hint of sulkiness with which he confronts his breakfast egg to the nimble little dance steps he executes under the influence of champagne, he shows us the inner rascal trying to break through the pressures of respectability.’
    • ‘Then she started annoying me with her sulkiness.’