Definition of sulfuric in English:


(British sulphuric)


  • Containing sulfur or sulfuric acid.

    ‘the sulfuric byproducts of wood fires’
    • ‘Too much of one of the compounds may result in unwanted bitter, rancid, or sulfuric tastes.’
    • ‘Hard coat anodizing should not be confused with sulfuric anodizing, which places a very thin coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum surface.’
    • ‘It was a long day of walking, and the landscape was incredibly dry and barren, we saw no streams, no water at all once we left behind the sulphuric crater lakes.’
    • ‘A study conducted in 1998 revealed that the ocean beds were contaminated by organic matter and sulphuric compounds, likely to damage the seagrass beds, the main source of dugong food.’
    • ‘His case was that chloroform was a safer form of anaesthetic than sulphuric ether, which had been tried out in Boston in 1846.’


See sulfur


Late 18th century: from French sulfurique, from Latin (as sulfur).