Definition of sulfur spring in US English:

sulfur spring


  • A spring of which the water contains sulfur or its compounds.

    • ‘A tourist magnet, the area also is a favorite of local families, who come for the health benefits of swimming in its sulfur springs.’
    • ‘We had lunch at 1 pm & then we walked up to the sulphur springs about 1 1/2 miles from the house.’
    • ‘The only difficult thing to accept was the fact that all the water was from sulfur springs.’
    • ‘We cycled through the pine forests and rolling hills of apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh to the holy city of Manikaran, a town built around hot sulphur springs.’
    • ‘In St Lucia, tourists enjoy the health benefits of the local sulphur springs, and an enterprising entrepreneur makes ‘healthy soap ‘from black iron sulphide - rich mud.’’
    • ‘If you have never seen a sulphur spring before, then the ‘Drive-In Volcano’ is dramatic.’
    • ‘Their name given to the sulphur springs was Coualibu, later corrupted into Qualibu.’
    • ‘Well, bacteria have been located in boiling hot sulfur springs, in ice, in rocks miles below the surface of the land, and in hydrothermal vents miles below the surface of the sea.’
    • ‘Or make the trek to the famous Healing Hole on Bimini in the northern Bahamas: a freshwater sulphur spring located deep in the saltwater mangrove forest.’
    • ‘This all changed when hot sulphur springs were discovered in the valley of Posh.’
    • ‘The next day he went with his daughter to see the sulphur springs at Sahasradhara.’
    • ‘She was bathed and purified with the remedial waters of the hot sulphur springs of Mii-no-Kami, whose healing power cleanses and relieves the body.’
    • ‘Landmarks include several campsites, the sulfur spring credited with saving the critically ill Sacagawea, and Giant Springs.’
    • ‘Tucked away on the road to Avila Beach, the retreat is on the site of natural sulfur springs.’
    • ‘After visiting the cave, you can continue along the trail, which offers some meadows, forested hills that provide a good workout, and even a bridge over a natural sulphur spring.’
    • ‘Eco-essentials: go bird watching at Bois d' Orange swamp; turtle watching on the east coast; soak in spa-like sulphur springs at Diamond Gardens.’
    • ‘The town is built around a hill, which has a well-known sulphur spring at its base.’
    • ‘The three-day rafting trip includes waterfalls, sulphur springs and rapids ranging from class III to VI.’
    • ‘It owes its existence to a natural sulphur spring that was originally discovered by native Indians.’
    • ‘Called the San Simeon earthquake after the coastal town nearest its epicenter, the temblor hit hardest in this town known for its sulfur springs and mud baths.’
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sulfur spring

/ˈsəlfər spriNG/