Definition of sulfonation in US English:


(British sulphonation)


  • See sulfonate

    • ‘The degree of sulfonation was ascertained by means of chromatography.’
    • ‘In contrast, phase II metabolism, including acetylation, sulfonation, conjugation, and glucuronidation, is little changed with aging.’
    • ‘Meng et al. have investigated meso-substituted porphyrins, synthesized by sulfonation or methylation of the phenyl or pyridyl groups, respectively.’
    • ‘The common characteristics of flavonol SOTs are as follows: they all do not use divalent cations for sulphonation, they have a similar mass of 35 kDa, and the active form of these enzymes is a monomer.’
    • ‘The existence of several dimer species is not surprising given the presence of monosubstituted and disubstituted monomers plus isomers with different positions of sulfonation of the phthalocyanine nucleus.’