Definition of sulcate in US English:



Zoology Botany
  • Marked with parallel grooves.

    • ‘Ibergirhynchia contraria can be distinguished from representatives of Dzieduszyckia by its sulcate brachial valve and fold on the pedicle valve.’
    • ‘Palehomola gorrelli exhibits a downturned, sulcate, triangular central rostral spine and two lateral rostral spines.’
    • ‘Dorsal valve only slightly sulcate, with very shallow sulcus originating in the umbonal area.’
    • ‘Within the family, Ophthalmoplax Rathbun, 1935, is readily distinguished from the other genera in having a sulcate front, a single orbital fissure, prominent transverse carapace ridges and tubercles, and keeled and spined chelipeds.’
    • ‘Species of sections Musa and Rhodochlamys share common characteristics, possessing the same chromosome number and having bracts that are generally sulcate, glaucous and that become revolute on fading.’


Mid 18th century: from Latin sulcatus ‘furrowed’, past participle of sulcare.