Definition of suitor in US English:



  • 1A man who pursues a relationship with a particular woman, with a view to marriage.

    • ‘Though the young duchess was only ten years of age, it would not be long before she would be receiving suitors and entertaining marriage proposals.’
    • ‘Understandably, a woman coerced into marriage by an aggressive suitor may have seen herself as a victim of a crime.’
    • ‘She vacillates between pursuing marriage to Will, her persistent suitor, in Washington, D.C., or leaving him for her older, married white mentor in New York.’
    • ‘As a result of the removal of romance from marriage, suitors are judged, not by their love for a woman, but by how well they can provide for her.’
    • ‘The girl refused to marry the other suitor and ran away from home.’
    • ‘He dissuaded many suitors from pursuing her by telling them she had consumption and wouldn't make a suitable wife for anyone.’
    • ‘On the contrary, far from being totally committed to the single life, Elizabeth on two occasions signalled that she wanted to marry a particular suitor.’
    • ‘Penelope does not sleep much and prays to Artemis that she be killed rather than marry one of the suitors.’
    • ‘Before she would agree to marry her suitor, she challenged him to several contests and always won.’
    • ‘She had held sway over a dozen eligible suitors, eventually marrying into a professor's family despite her own lack of education.’
    • ‘The actress teamed up with detectives hunting the killer they believe claimed the life of an Asian teenager who turned down her suitor for an arranged marriage.’
    • ‘A suitor made a marriage payment called a mboya.’
    • ‘Both suitors seem confident that marriage to a shrew would prove even more humiliating than submitting to the pillory or a public whipping.’
    • ‘There was an array of suitors and a close relationship with her cousin, David Scott Mitchell.’
    • ‘The daughters, meanwhile, leave their homes to marry wealthy suitors.’
    • ‘It places immense pressure on the husband and his family, who have to raise large sums of money, and on the bride, who often is forced to marry the suitor who can provide the biggest dowry.’
    • ‘The weakest part of her performance comes in her relationship with the four suitors and in the delivery of the Rose Adagio and here it might be worth a comparison with Makarova herself.’
    • ‘Scylla had once been a beautiful girl pursued by many suitors before she was transformed to a monster.’
    • ‘He expected that the suitors who would pursue his sister would be men of great wealth and status in Umbria.’
    • ‘I've seen widows forced to marry unwanted suitors who, aided and abetted by the law, usurped their deceased husband's assets, as well as their own lives and bodies.’
    admirer, beau, wooer, boyfriend, sweetheart, lover, inamorato, escort
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    1. 1.1 A prospective buyer of a business or corporation.
      • ‘A possible suitor is British-based, Chorion - listed on the Alternative Investment Market in London.’
      • ‘Over the coming weeks the share price could be strongly influenced by takeover speculation, with Telefonica of Spain the favoured suitor.’
      • ‘In the fall of 1999, we were being pursued by many suitors.’
      • ‘For prospective suitors keen to expand in Europe's largest economy, however, Commerz is sized just about right.’
      • ‘Private equity firm Permira is often touted as a possible suitor.’
      • ‘ABC News is the latest suitor for CNN's hand in a marriage that might save each of them $100 million a year.’
      • ‘But Blyth did not understand his suitors ' wholesale business, which distributes medicines to independent pharmacies.’
      • ‘Both companies have been mentioned as possible suitors, but most analysts say that's wishful thinking.’
      • ‘A number of US online travel firms, including Expedia and Travelocity, have been named as possible suitors, as has Cendant, the owner of the Avis and Budget car rental chains.’
      • ‘McKay emphasised Gallas' insistence on the get-out clause, allowing him to assess his prospective suitors.’
      • ‘The company had already met with suitors interested in a buyout or strategic partnership, but could not find a good match on price or philosophy.’
      • ‘JP Morgan's first year of marriage with Chase has many wondering whether they were ideal suitors.’
      • ‘Why limit yourself to dealing with a single lender, when there are so many eager suitors for your business?’
      • ‘This can become a poisoned chalice in the case of a corporate merger or acquisition, in that the suitor may not be willing to take on the risk of off-loading inflexible leases.’
      • ‘By then though Abbey may already have got married to its Scottish suitor.’
      • ‘Indonesia, once a regional basket case, has also made great strides in cleaning up its bank and corporate sector, which are beginning to attract foreign suitors again.’
      • ‘Bloomberg reckons T-Online, Tiscali and Terra Lycos could be potential suitors for the business.’
      • ‘Royal Bank of Scotland and National Australia Bank were back in the frame last week as possible suitors for Abbey National following City rumours of more activity in the banking sector.’
      • ‘A business may still attract publicly held suitors without taking such measures, but it will be at a disadvantage at the negotiating table.’
      • ‘The bank found other prospective suitors, which ultimately jacked up the price.’


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘member of a retinue’): from Anglo-Norman French seutor, from Latin secutor, from sequi ‘follow’.