Definition of suitcase in English:



  • A case with a handle and a hinged lid, used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions.

    • ‘As it was, we had to buy more suitcases to carry all our purchases home, but the savings were astronomical.’
    • ‘This in turn means you will never again be allowed to bring in coal or carry suitcases.’
    • ‘Apparently some divers end up having to buy extra suitcases to carry all the goodies home.’
    • ‘One of his suitcases contained three cylindrical stone seals, made of marble and alabaster.’
    • ‘Thy broke the glass in the rear nearside window and grabbed a black suitcase containing the equipment.’
    • ‘I was offered so many chances to buy contraband cigars I'd have needed extra suitcases to carry them away.’
    • ‘Hurray, it's finally May - the month when many of us pack our suitcases and head off for a well earned break.’
    • ‘Two suitcases packed with 100 dollar notes were found by police checking out a stolen BMW.’
    • ‘There's a story that I would have to carry the cash in suitcases, which is not true.’
    • ‘Pru had brought three suitcases, a tackle bag and a rucksack in addition to two carrier bags.’
    • ‘In two months I will pack my suitcases, bring the kids and dog and husband to the airport and leave Sofia.’
    • ‘Fathers carry small children, while other men carry suitcases and plastic bags.’
    • ‘Every year she travels to Israel to visit her son and takes a huge suitcase packed with baby clothes to the hospital.’
    • ‘I trudged two miles to a friend's, with all my worldly goods tightly packed into two suitcases.’
    • ‘Some carried a travelling bag, others carried one or two suitcases in their hands.’
    • ‘Where people find suitcases so big and so much to put in them is beyond me.’
    • ‘There he would feign despair by plunging fully clad into the swimming pool carrying weighted suitcases.’
    • ‘During the holidays I borrowed a hand cart from the mill and carried suitcases up to Rishton station for a shilling.’
    • ‘I am hunched against the biting wind, and all my possessions are next to me in a battered suitcase.’
    • ‘Maybe they were in a witness protection programme and their entire former lives were packed into those suitcases.’
    travelling bag, travel bag, case, grip, valise, overnight case, portmanteau, vanity case, holdall
    briefcase, attaché case, gladstone bag
    trunk, chest
    luggage, baggage
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