Definition of suitableness in US English:



  • See suitable

    • ‘One enjoyment was certain - that of suitableness as companions; a suitableness which comprehended health and temper to bear inconveniences - cheerfulness to enhance every pleasure - and affection and intelligence, which might supply it among themselves if there were disappointments abroad.’
    • ‘All varieties were also evaluated for their suitableness for drying and processing.’
    • ‘Thus there is both a suitableness and a constancy in the workings of the heart.’
    • ‘That God is willing that all should be saved, appears from the sufficiency of the provision which is made for the salvation of sinners; the frequent declarations that it is designed for all; the offers which are made indiscriminately to all; and the suitableness of the provision to the circumstances of all.’
    • ‘These findings suggested that three factors were related to the rejection of mutual exclusivity in the lexical learning process, i.e. information on the purpose of an action, the suitableness in using a familiar object for an action, and the age of the subjects.’