Definition of suitable in US English:



  • Right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation.

    ‘these toys are not suitable for children under five’
    • ‘Lots of fish are suitable, including salmon and trout, but my favourite is sea bass.’
    • ‘If it is is not suitable for other uses it will be put on the open market for public auction.’
    • ‘Entries can only be returned if a suitable stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.’
    • ‘A doctor also advised that the bed was neither necessary nor suitable for the couple.’
    • ‘About a year ago we started to hunt around for shows which were suitable for children and adults.’
    • ‘It immediately relieves dry skin, is unperfumed and is suitable for all types of skin.’
    • ‘It may be possible to predict which troops are, and are not, suitable for deployment.’
    • ‘The big supermarkets could do more to suggest suitable wine and food partnerships.’
    • ‘Just because something is already there does not make it suitable for the purpose.’
    • ‘A suitable donor has been found and will be called in if the operation goes ahead.’
    • ‘The site is said to be suitable as an industrial distribution warehouse or service yard.’
    • ‘I'm not a fan so I don't know if this will outrage fans or be suitable homage to the series.’
    • ‘Finding good sites in suitable locations at realistic prices is a further problem.’
    • ‘After all, what's more suitable than a nice pair of trainers to help you keep on running?’
    • ‘It has been agreed that a bed and breakfast would not be suitable in this case.’
    • ‘This road has never been suitable for speed, nor has there ever been a major accident of any kind.’
    • ‘The job has been advertised but so far it has not produced a suitable candidate.’
    • ‘Their task is to make it suitable for children and comply with Ofsted regulations.’
    • ‘It will have to be taped though I am not sure how suitable it is for a five-year-old.’
    • ‘From this she can assess which skin areas to focus on and also whether the treatment is suitable.’
    acceptable, satisfactory, fit, worthy, fitting
    appropriate, fitting, fit, fitted, acceptable, apt, right
    appropriate to, suited to, befitting, congruous with, in keeping with, in character with, tailor-made, custom-made
    proper, seemly, decent, apt, appropriate, fitting, befitting, becoming, right, correct, due, worthy, decorous
    well qualified, well suited, competent, capable, able
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Late 16th century: from the verb suit, on the pattern of agreeable.