Definition of suit someone's book in US English:

suit someone's book


  • Be convenient for someone.

    ‘it didn't suit her book at all to be moved’
    • ‘Sorry if that doesn't suit your book or your plans for us but when you said for us to go home you forgot one thing.’
    • ‘It is typical of the minimisation the Leader of the Opposition is capable of when it suits his book.’
    • ‘Of course many of us have to relearn these lessons in a new cycle because changes in monetary policy seldom suit our book at the time.’
    • ‘Decide what type of work activities best suit your book.’
    • ‘Price your liquidity accurately for each of your client segments and recognize which flows suit your book and which don't, so that you can.’
    • ‘My sister is quick to call somebody a friend, even somebody she hardly knows, if it suits her book.’
    • ‘It might suit his book to allege that, but that is not the position of my honourable friend.’