Definition of suh in US English:



  • ‘my dear suh, we are shocked by your candor’
    nonstandard spelling of sir, used in representing chiefly southern US, black, or British dialect
    ‘I'm not gonna do it, no suh’
    • ‘‘Well, as ah remembah it,’ she softly replied, slipping into a deeply exaggerated southern accent as she kissed him lightly, ‘You, suh, didn't do too badly yoah self on the turnaround at the Inn.‘’
    • ‘‘Ah swear to do betta, suh,’ he says, mocking Faulkner's southern drawl.’
    • ‘The south is out, because frankly, suh, I'm a Northerner, and I would not presume to try to fit in, or expect that I should.’
    • ‘‘A good evening to you, suh,’ she said in her best southern accent.’
    • ‘Were these ‘percussive incidents’ preceded by the customary, ‘You, suh, are a swine,’ and, immediately proceeded by the obligatory, ‘Ah demand satisfaction!’’