Definition of sugar snap in US English:

sugar snap

(also sugar snap pea)


  • A snow pea, especially of a variety with distinctively thick and rounded pods.

    • ‘The main course was roast breast of chicken stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, with roasted red pepper sauce, aromatic rice and a sautée of sugar snaps, red onion and carrot flowers.’
    • ‘At harvest time, they jostled over freshly picked sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘We had plenty of side orders including potato gratin, boiled potato and homemade chips as well as sugar snap peas and broccoli.’
    • ‘An appetizer of trout roulade with ocean crayfish and herbs was followed by the main course - roast filet of veal with forest mushrooms, baby carrots, spinach and sugar peas served with a mille feuille of peppers, squash and chévre.’
    • ‘Who wouldn't want to eat what's local when that includes almost anything you can think of, from sugar snap peas, green onions and radishes to the first beans, beets and zucchini.’
    • ‘After producing snow peas for only one year, many contract farmers in Timau suddenly had to switch to sugar snap in 1995 because demand for snow peas dropped.’
    • ‘I ordered the tuna salad with cherry tomatoes, sugar snaps, new potatoes, black olives, red chard and vinaigrette of baby capers and fresh herbs.’
    • ‘The ones I've used here are only a suggestion: use small sweet onions, sugar snap peas, baby carrots or broad beans, for a similar effect.’
    • ‘Add the risotto, zucchini, red pepper, carrots, spinach, and sugar snap peas, vegetable stock, and wine and bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and summer until the risotto is creamy and the vegetables are tender, about five minutes.’
    • ‘Ideally, we sow English, snow and sugar snap peas in the garden December-January to enjoy a spring harvest.’
    • ‘The Sabzi Duck was delicious, with large slices of meat served in a medium sauce along with baby vegetables, including sugar snap peas and baby sweetcorn.’
    • ‘Have plenty of raw crudités in the fridge, such as carrot batons, cucumber sticks, sugar snap peas and sweet potato sticks.’
    • ‘Cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts predominate, but he also grows potatoes and sugar snap peas.’
    • ‘One variety popular in England at the time was the sugar pea, also called snap pea and mange-tout.’
    • ‘Routine vegetables consisted of blanched spinach, sugar snap peas and boiled spuds, with a repetitious dollop of the same relish that had been served on the canapé toasts.’
    • ‘The farmers grew a mixture of export crops including mange tout peas, sugar snap peas and baby corn.’
    • ‘You ordered a light dinner of seared breast of chicken, sugar snap peas and new potatoes.’
    • ‘All the main courses came with vegetables, on this occasion garden peas, sugar snap peas, swede batons and new potatoes.’
    • ‘Do we really need sugar snap peas from Peru or spring onions from Mexico?’
    • ‘A recent summer menu included garden green gazpacho with yogurt sorbet, roasted chicken from the property with farro, spinach and sugar snap peas, and spinach and pork tortellini with morels, broccoli rabe and cauliflower.’


sugar snap