Definition of suctorially in US English:



  • See suctorial

    • ‘Finally, the spinner head 25 is lowered, and, while it is suctorially stuck to the sheet object 10 and performing a predetermined rotary movement, the sheet object 10 is fed with a chemical within the inner space of the spinner cut 28, so that the surface of the sheet object 10 is treated.’
    • ‘These Doto species are very closely associated with their hydroid food, and in my observations seem to stay hidden at the base of the food most of the time, apparently drilling a small hole in the rhizoidal tissue and feeding suctorially on the hydroid coenosarc through this hole.’
    • ‘They feed suctorially, and as far as I know, cyanobacteria do not have liquid ‘cytoplasm’ (they are not eucaryotic cells, so I don't think we should actually call it cytoplasm).’
    • ‘The Opisthobranch molluscs Elysia timida, E. translucens, Thuridilla hopei and Bosellia mimetica feed suctorially on the algae Acetabularia acetabulum, Udotea petiolata, Cladophora vagabunda and Halimeda tuna, respectively.’
    • ‘Based on radular and soft-tissue morphology and personal observation of feeding behaviors, it appears that species from both regions feed suctorially with the assistance of a diminutive radula.’