Definition of sucky in US English:


adjectivesuckiest, suckier

North American
  • Disagreeable; unpleasant.

    ‘her sucky job’
    • ‘Looking back, the album was sort of bland and sucky.’
    • ‘It was just a backlash against sucky music and polyester suits.’
    • ‘I've described my job as moderately sucky before, but now I can see it pushing closer to being a job I could love.’
    • ‘How is it fair that this fabulous kid - straight A's, a natural leader by example, athletically gifted, kind, articulate, soft-hearted - is in such a sucky system?’
    • ‘You're not the only one about to have a sucky summer.’
    • ‘Later, in the same meeting, a Creative Director holds up a Powerpoint presentation that our sucky new Business Director has designed and presented to a client.’
    • ‘All in all it was enjoyable and I was less sucky at it than I thought I'd be.’
    • ‘Sure, I'll have to suck it up and get a real job and move onto the same sucky grown-up life you have, eventually, sure.’
    • ‘An why would so many sucky Yankees be rewarded with so many pennants?’
    • ‘This finding is kind of sucky, though, because as one scientist noted because the tendency to sit still seemed to be biological, it might not be easy for obese people to change their ways.’
    • ‘And it's great despite the fact that much of it is, if you'll excuse my belletrism, kind of sucky.’
    • ‘If you narrow yourself down to one particular year, sometimes you'll get stuck with 365 days of sucky music and, then what?’
    • ‘But she's not the only one with a really sucky life.’
    • ‘This is a bad and sucky trend; one of my resolutions is to try not to be a part of it, or not accept it when it is foisted upon me.’
    • ‘I had a pretty sucky job and living situation and was letting it affect the relationship.’
    • ‘So there you have it: two sucky go-nowhere songs, two overplayed ones now rendered unlistenable because of that, and a whole slew of good to great ones.’
    • ‘What a sucky, sucky way to end a sucky, sucky day.’
    • ‘I really hate telemarketers, but I know that they are human beings, who have this sucky job where they must call up people that they know are going to hate them.’
    • ‘The real sucky part of this is that the Wellbutrin (in addition to the Paxil I've been taking) has really worked.’
    • ‘The man is brilliant, give him small stage, big venue, sucky crowd, skeptics, big fans, whatever, he always delivers.’